About Liquid Gold™

Liquid Gold is one of the nation's best known cannabis brands. It’s a luxury brand that was specifically created for the consumer who enjoys the finer things in life, yet one that can be enjoyed by the everyday person. We offer a variety of products ranging from flower, oil extracts, pre-rolled marijuana cones to a diverse array of edible products that are recognized as the industry leaders by industry leaders. Liquid Gold™ products are produced by G FarmaLabs - "America's Cannabis Brand"

About G FarmaLabs

To say G FarmaLabs is the "Leader of the American Cannabis Revolution" is an understatement. Setting the "Standard" is the essence of what we do – but it hardly tells the whole story. Our brands have become the choice for both, cannabis patients and cannabis lovers everywhere. Why do they insist on G FarmaLabs? Because they know they can count on genuine service, a trusted name and a superb cannabis product grown with professionalism and expertly developed for a rich lifestyle. Whether you are in an adult cannabis market like Washington and Colorado or one of the over twenty medical marijuana states, our products offer exactly what you are looking for.